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We are (tigamix.com and Hamadex Inc) a company that specializes among the most trafficking retails company over the software program wished for the development on websites. These are WordPress themes, Scripts or plugins.

We launched Hamadex Inc in 2019 to serve our community and the world. We get the product from the creators, manufacturers to help as many people around the world to get a fair shot cheaply. Because, 80% of the world population ignore that technology is the era of the kingdom of the air. Each person must have a website on the internet if he/she wants to get into this kingdom. Therefore, web development is a big concern for those who do not know how to build a web site to sell online best digital products or merchandises that the world population need. Finally, Your knowledge of the web determines the value of the internet market value.

Our intention is to grant any consumer the power to put hand on the most expensive digital products or merchandises for less. Therefore, we bought the products and we as a reseller sell them with an affordable price under GPL License really cheap, than each time a customer buy a product from our website help us to continue to buy more valuable digital products to fulfill the needs of our world global economy!

Why choose us?

Lower price. Original archives without malware, viruses, or advertising. All merchandise job over an endless number regarding web sites, domains, unlimited license. All digital merchandise are on hand by advise links and information. We often times replace the products and continuously Gather new products, which are hard in accordance with to discover anywhere else!